Back on my face

Written by: Jessica Kuilan

I look in the sky                                                                         
and I see the sun,                                                                        
I look to the ground                                                                   
and see the grass                                                                         
I look into space,
and see the stars and moon,
but when I look at you, 
I see a baboon…
I look into a tree,
and see your scary face,
screaming at me.
I look back up into the sky,
and see a big banana cream pie.
I look back to the ground 
and see the banana peel you through at me…
I look back into space 
and see that banana cream pie on my face…
I look back at you…
see your funny face…
I took you to the gate 
and showed you the way.
 I still come back almost every day.
And now I look at you 
Seeing your sad face…
Just watching you,
Sitting in the zoo…
Laughing at your face…
But, between the bars of your gate,
I see once again,
The banana cream pie, 
Back on my face…