A Higher Power

Written by: Lillie Williams

A Higher Power
Things go wrong in our life
And we know that they will
We find our self-struggling
Climbing steep hills
When we find our-self low
Reaching for the sky
Afraid to smile
Because we have to sigh
The cares of the world
Pressing us down
The mountain gets
Higher round by round
Life amazes us with all
Its twists and its turns
There’s a higher power
We seems to learn
We try so hard in life
To just stick it out
The burden gets heavy
And we often doubt
Sometimes we often wonder
What is and what ain’t
Not knowing that our victory
Is closer than we think
Faith and failure
Walks hand in hand
The little things in life
We find hard to understand
Trouble seems to find you
No matter where you go
And you find your-self sinking
Much deeper than before
You count the time of rescue
Every second in the hour
And now the day
Seems brighter, Thanks
To a Higher Power
There’s a lesson we must learn
When things turn inside out
Trust in the higher power,
And just stick it out!