She'll Rise

Written by: Lisa Delva

Prayed to God and yes she was wishing
Wishing that this nightmare would end
And that she'd somehow wake up in her bed.
But that wasn't the case this nightmare was real
Because every raping blow she would feel
Her muffled screams from his hand on her face
She wished she had packed up some mace
By the time she wanted to break free it was over
He slapped her in the face and told her don't tell a soul
But who would she tell her heart just grew cold
Alone on the floor she cried like she had no soul
And she wondered why in the world nobody had cared
They just passed by her laughed or stared
Now she doesn't trust a  soul with her situations
She just keeps them to herself no negotiation
She tries to talk about it but no one'll really listen
She tries to show it in her face but all the signs they're missing
she just keeps  to herself she finds it easier
If she told a soul it's not like they'd believe her
Wrapped up in a blanket of hurt is how she lives her life
Lays her head to bed and cries every night
She tries to find some inner strength or inner might
She can't do it Alone she needs someone to fight
Fight the battles and the demons that posses her daily
Or give her some encouragement to help her go on
But for now she'll just wear a big smile
Thats just how she lives her life this is her life story
One day she'll rise from this and have her glory