Written by: Christopher Pitts

this could be better. thought i would post it anyways though.

trigger the inconsiderate, broken speech, they may speak
and let its stench linger, in the air around me
hearts may dissolve, and bones to decrease
in stature and resolve, they begin to deplete

hold my hand in yours and begin to preach
let them hear what it sounds like from you and me
together undaunted, together so free
together we're surrounded, all expect us to flee

our hope is the brightest, for futures we'll see
this love in my head, for what will be
the cry is a spear, that pierces with its key
rising and rising, into an echoing screech

their hands cup they ears, and hold til they bleed
pushing them down, to their knees, it should be
never open your eyes, you wouldn't want to see
keep giving the cries, and let us be free

to the front lines we charge, as if to the sea
and collide with the enemy, they buckle and flee
the roar of the lion, the soul from the king
has their knees quaking, our smiles full of glee

they never did see, they never did speak
their hearts stop beating, from accelerated speeds
their joints were unhinged, and swaying to beats
the beats of OUR hearts, a fire from the sea.