Written by: kasim ishmael

With out saying a word 
I know our love is broken
I can hear you very clear
Although no words are spoken

The peace that I have feel
It all has just disappear
Leaving me now covered
Under a blanket of fear

So now I hide like a criminal
You treat love like it’s a crime
Now you sentence me
To heartache for my life time

My friends see a smiling face
But in my heart there’s a knife
And with every smile I fake
It takes way part of my life

Tonight I’m alone keeping
 Company with the stars above
Thinking of a girl I can never have
But she carries all my love

So no words have be spoken
But I know we are done
And a couple weeks again
And I will be completely gone

I know now I can never settle 
Because I see no sun above
I can never marry another 
While you still hold my love

So when I leave this place
I will never want to come back
Because I can never stop loving you
And that’s is the real fact

When I close my eyes 
All I see is you
I’ll always be the biggest fan
Of everything that you do

I hope your love will arrive
If I just has patience to wait
I though there was hope
But now I know it’s too late

Time to end this poem now
 My tears are making me blind
In 3 weeks I leave this place
And the past I will leave behind