Beach Storm

Written by: Darrel Smith

The burst is at horizons gate;  

Awakened is the desire to touch.
Sky lips push sea breath, moist, then wet,
now dripping, across the balmy gulf.

It is a passionate kiss…

A whisper of white nothing,
a stringing of mist above slapping roar 
and foaming wave,

the kiss is returned…

The sky shimmers with delight,
Desire clasps and strikes its chord
unleashing in the night

 a shivering electric pulse…

With wind bellowed song, and 
tree whipping dance, salty wet lovers
entwine and contort until spent, 

passions touch is sated… 

The breathless, caressers, inhale,
the tide exhausted,  recedes exhaling gifts
of pearled Shells, and seaweed

on a bed of contented sand.