Prayer Of Thanksgiving

Written by: John Posey

My Lord, as Your Spirit embraces me, I feel the peace of knowing who I am. The security of being numbered among your children is overwhelming. I praise you, Father, for your gracious gift of atonement for all my sin. Through the blood of your Son, Jesus Christ the righteous, I am free. I am free, gracious Lord, and my name will forever be listed in the Precious Lamb’s book of life. For the One you sent to die for me has spoken my name and stands forever in intercession for me. O Lord Most High, look into my heart and know that I am unworthy of such grace and accept my humble thanks. In your Sovereignty, I find strength. In your Grace, I find peace. Hear me, O Lord, as I offer this prayer of thanksgiving. All glory to you, my Lord and master! 

 Author's Comments:
"This was a Lenten offering to God. I was asked to offer something for a Parish Lenten guide. This came to me and I shared it with my fellow parishioners as a part of that Lenten guide... Thank you Lord...Jake"