Written by: Alicia K

Diamonds are pretty - 
They're every girls friend
Whether they're thin or meaty
Or dress by the latest trend.
But also they
Might bring disdain,
Unhappiness, loss and even pain.
They cost quite some money
And money's sweet as honey
But you may lose it
For diamonds - 
The ones that are your loved one's 
So don't take them seriously
As it may turn out deliriously
And take all your money
Away -
Just like magic
The diamonds, they steal;
They also appeal.
You have to know
That diamonds are low,
They're not really worth
So much money.
They're only like toys
For old girls and boys,
Who take them too seriously
And it turns out so deliriously
With all the worthless 
Money loss.
In ages the diamonds
Brought mostly disdain
Unhappiness, loss and even pain.
I may have said it
But I must remind - 
You're human and only
One of a kind.
So don't waste your life
On something so useless
When you can be happy
And wealthy
And live your life nice
And be healthy.
So please follow
My advice
If you're not so hollow
And feel like an electronic device.
Good luck to you,
All said above was true
For you to read.
That's all you nee
To know.