John Tunstall

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

John Tunstall was Billy the Kid's employer, friend and mentor.
He was an honest businessman and entrepreneur.
"It's as if there isn't anything he won't do to try to impress me,"
Mr Tunstall would say of Billy quite regularly.
"I'm going to make one hell of a man out of that kid one day,"
he would also go on very proudly to say,
but such a promising life for Billy would never come to be.
Mr Tunstall was murdered most savagely
as Billy witnessed the event helplessly
off from a distance of relative safety.
There wasn't anything he could do. There were just way too many
lawless lawmen pumping gunfire into poor Mr Tunstall's body.
Under John Tunstall's guidance,
Billy would have had a much brighter future for sure,
but John Tunstall's murder sparked an event that would one day be known
as The Lincoln County War.
and Billy's second chance for a better life got altered once more.