From just a tiny teardrop

Written by: Seren Roberts

It started life as a teardrop
Slowly running down your face
Gathering momentum
Picking up a pace.

This turns into a trickle
Over the soil as it flows
Giving life giving water
To the roots as it goes

A trickle becomes a stream
Cant believe how big  the teardrop has grown
Children and dogs love the glistening water
Storing memories of happy days known

Now it is a mighty river 
Crossing borders in its path
Not a thought of king or country
No one questions its turbulent wrath

Now I am an Ocean blue
Used for so many things
Travel, play, worship
In the sunshine my heart sings

The moral of my poem is:

Nothing is too small
Whether its a prayer
Thought or deed.
It gathers and increases
In lifes throes.