The Feast of Tabernacles - Now

Written by: Laura Breidenthal



There is a multitude around the world preparing for God’s Kingdom And there is one dark enmity preparing as well Combatting this powerful being’s influence and persistence Is like going against a strong ocean current during a blistery storm Satan the devil has blinded the world How then can we help others see the light? God reveals through the Word something unsettling He reveals that there will be many readily embracing The very enemy himself Be aware of the darkness and its devices that destruct Many will fail to realize who is the hero Turning to the very one that will tear them apart There will be baggage in the millennium The multitude will have the authority to teach To take away the blinds from the clouded, deceived eyes Of billions We continue on now We take action now For the sake of all of those now and onwards *inspired by John Goodwin*