Dark knight upon majestic pale steed,
Why for hath thou nay considered mine plead?
I but a  genteel maiden lost in silent thought,
Hath thou grown weary of battles fought?
Doth mine humble presence amuse thee?
Or art thou bespelled by mine beauty?
Noble knight I beseech,
Nay mine maidenhood breach.
Be I unsuitable for another's embrace,
A fallen angel, from heaven's disgrace
Dare I see an evil glint in thine surly eye?
Mine innocence too immense to deny?
Of mine self resigned, query I but one demand,
Petition from father, for mine hand.
Thou mock with maleficent laughter,
I but sallied from here after.
Thou contemptuous laughter so chastise,
Quickening mine innocuous heart demise.
Art thou so hardened to loves breach?
Thine soul so obscure to love's reach?
I disturb thee, I lecture no more,
Deafness falls on mine implore.
Secure thou heart er'more callous,
Yet still mine heart holds no malice.
Thou steadfast guarded from loves breach,
Mine arduous respect, is out of thou reach.
Thou may breach mine maidenhood by battle's won,
But yet I be the honorable victorious one.