Which Way

Written by: DrJim Martin

There is a way that, to a man,
In his evaluation is right.
However, as he schemes and plans,
He may not be very bright.

The transgressor’s way is hard, we’re told,
Though it may be enjoyable for a while.
He may even think himself brave, or bold,
But, in the end, he’s not able to smile.

The Way to heaven is on some folks minds,
As they, to the end, travel through.
That Way, however, they’ll never find,
For that Way is embodied in what’s True.

The Way Everlasting should be desired by all.
It’s really quite simple to obtain.
On His Name, with repentance, call,
And from the transgressor’s way, abstain.

To know the way is a comforting thing
On life’s journey, day by day.
At the end of the road, don’t, more sorrow bring,
By not knowing, for sure, THE WAY.