How Big Is God

Written by: DrJim Martin

The youngster approached his dad,
With a question about which he pondered.
It was a simple question for this lad,
Yet one, about which many have wondered.

“How big is God?” was his thought.
T’was simple yet very sincere.
He seemed somewhat distraught,
Dad’s answer he waited to hear.

As Dad thought the question through,
Ideas raced through his head.
Not sure what he should do,
He squirmed before anything he said.

“How do I respond?” said he,
“To a simple question like this.”
“Of all answers, which should it be?
So that knowledge the child would not miss.”

After much thought and consternation,
And much to the child’s dismay,
In the answer he gave to this question,
Much wisdom did he display.

“Bigger than big,” was his simple retort,
As the little one questioningly gazed.
Every example of “big” to which he could resort,
Left him confused and amazed.

“He knows all that there is,
Can do all that there is,
Can be everywhere that there is,
Simply, because God, He is!”