For a Leaving Friend

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

We are here not because our duty to be here
We are here not because somebody said so
We are here not because we are chasing another day for another hustle
We are here because we are meant to be together

So many things that we have been through
So many laughs, so many tears
So many stories created behind it
Not only because of the happiness, though sorrow made us

We believe a friendship will never be measured
We believe our togetherness will never be shifted
We believe even though your presence will not be here any longer
We positively believe that our prayers will always overshadow you and lingered

Chase your dream our dearest friend
Pursue your life, love, and your challenge to be a real human
We are here, not too far nor too close
Whenever you recall the moments remember us while we are singing those silly songs