Wager With Me

Written by: elizabeth landon-lane

Would you care to flirt with something volitile?
I know a fire that burns - hot and melting
In vivid undulating ripples of heat
That will steal the youth from your skin
And dry the tears hidden in your eyes...
And you will never even know you are burning.

How can you know the truth of it, pretty princess,
When defeated Nations cry bitterly for vengeance,
You do not hear, sitting in a cool, dark palace...

How can you know the cost of it, petty prince,
They are not your people crying out for peace.
Why do you keep insisting you are a gentleman...? 
For honor's Lady you would sell her for a whore.
Kingdoms come - Kingdoms gone.

So, would you care to risk all on something volitile..?
Something hot and melting
Something bright and blinding in a cloudless sky
Waiting in the primal shadows you have created
And skims the edges of conciousness
Like the taste of a half remembered kiss
That means less than nothing.

While satisfaction gleams in obsidian eyes
And saner "friends" than you
Search endlessly for some God forsaken Mother Lode
Of heavy dreams wrapped in bright, green money...

Would you care to risk anything,
While you stay safe...?
They are not your children dying...
Would you care?

Would you...?
I know a fire that still burns.
Care to walk across those coals - with me...?
I care,
And so, I dare....
Do you...?