Embers Burn in Silence

Written by: kash poet

Embers burn in silence not to disturb our softly spoken words and to gift us little warmth in love's nest Once more in your embrace in front of fire sole witness of our love making the moment stand still eternal © kash poet ============000============= Placement: 2nd ;(Nov.2012) Contest:Views from a Vignette Sponsor:Nette Onclaud ##vignette: a hexastich in 6 lines with 2-4-4-6-7-3 syllable count per line, unrhymed.. there are a few approaches of this genre, but let’s go for the short version… a vignette focuses on ONE mood, character, setting, or object to paint a picture of a moment in time in a SUBTLE MANNER… please use the visual below as your thematic concept… ======================================================