Widow and the Flower

Written by: Adrienne Theuret

A flower sits upon the window
the flower sees the reflection of the widow 
as the flower welts and weeps 
the old widow becomes weak

The widow falls onto the ground 
the flowers petals begins to fall with no sound
as the widow tries to rise 
the flower begins to weep in sorrow

The widow starts to cry asking why
the flower wilts and hides 
the widow gets up but then falls to her knees

As the flower starts to fade 
the widow goes pale
Lying there cold the widow held out her hand
a petal to appear with color so bright it looks so alive 

The flower is brown and shriveled
the widow slowly stops her breath
and the petal falls to the ground and it disappears

The flower crumbles with the wind
the widow leaves the earth with no sound 
and no one even cries

Seeing the wilts fly within the sky
People go on with the hope of the day
Widow dies with peace 
The flower spreads its life.