You're Not Perfect

Written by: Chula Fleming

I never said that I was perfect,
Though it may have been assumed.
I never told you I'd be an easy match
Or stay interested in you.
I never said I'd cook and clean
Or cling closely to your side.
I never told you that I'd always match
Your unsteady gait stride for stride. 
I never said how much I needed you
Nor can I live without your touch,
Though you tug and pull and punish me
With guilty pleas I hate so much.
I never said that I am perfect;
Just another soul on my own path
Looking for my own answers,
Hoping for true love that lasts.
Tough to hear, but you're not perfect.
So let's just call it even.
No sense to whine, and cry and pout,
Let's just kiss and stop the grievin'.