Rolling Passed Your Speaker System

Written by: Zhian Mostofi

We all want a few things to do
just once in a while
We want to kill that special something that falls through our fingertips
Like last moments of a kiss; the break tears off a gasp of your facade
Leaving skins spoken into yet louder spins
Whatever it takes to leave a hand or footprint 
over these chapters, over these pages
An ink blot or two on their unknowing faces,
all those many you's 
that at times used to confuse you,
remove you, reduce and prove -- You!
Oh You used to be so underground then.....wouldn't even have noticed me even if I could write a wild song with my pen
 "'the pen is always mightier than the sword', they say"
Well, was this even supposed to happen?
Nein Mann, there was no first state to seek out no matter how you ranged it

In the blank shoulder-space view that you just can't see whatever you do
chronic stress races past the quickest laugh --
wish it off
wish it after!!
take the next ride out
take the next sarcastic utterance
~ how Easily we forget our skins...
hast thou forgotten the true spell of nothingness? wasn't a memory you might have had, or a future command is you now
you how....
and when