A Flame Once Burned

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

           "A Flame Once Burned"

as the golden twilight of dawn arose
illuminated the September sky with pose
tears of wallowing sorrow fell
as a flame once burned with the tolling bell
while memories flooded deep within
of a lost child ..  extinguished without sin.

staring at the tiny white casket in pain
a soft blanket caressing his flesh in wet rain
without life, a heart lie broken without breath
shattered pieces entombed in early death
as invisible scars and sereated wounds cried
mingling with tragic tears for a little soul died.

placing rose-colored petals on his grave
interred in darkness as tiny boy brave
a flame once burned in his eyes so blue
a sweet adieu' ... from we who love you
your spiritual flame will burn bright eternally
an integral part of our loving family.

*Dec. 1, 2012
*Written by:  Linda-Marie SweetHeart
*For Gail Angel Doyle's Contest.