Written by: Lyn McSweeney

It is time to put our self aside Before we speak it’s time to decide Will what I say cause another pain Will the things that I do be for their gain It is time to sow love to those that we see It is time they saw Jesus in you and in me Too many people are thinking of self Love’s going dusty upon a shelf We get back what we sow will we be blessed Do we just think of others when we are pressed Is being kind and loving something we just do An automatic thing living in me and in you How wonderful this world would be If we thought of others you and me Gods kingdom comes it is growing strong To which kingdom do we belong? One that is filled with love and light The one which is our Father Gods delight OR The one filled with darkness hate and greed The one that never will succeed It is time to put our self aside It is time to live with Gods love inside.