The Shadow Poet

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

Whom shall I?
I am the ember which hiding behind the shadow of dawn
I am the sense that abandoned to the dimension of nowhere
I am an empathy who begging for the existence of life

Whom shall I?
I am who deceived in echo
Mumbling as I like
Like a suffer who alienated by the time

I am the boundless identity
I am the instinct of freedom
Neither one could stop me
Nor you could

In the work of art I speak
In the melancholy of song I sing
Humming in a question, may I?
Will the existence of oneself be able to say?

I am standing beyond your common sense
I am the wild soul of yours
Camouflaged in the blurry of ethics
Hey reality, will you guess?

The breaths of subsistence are words

And for the words I born