The Night Of The Grizzly

Written by: Lucilla Carrillo

Story/poem My husband and I were invited to go on a camping trip. I being a city girl - it was a real trip for me. It was quiet late at night, we were on our camping site. Everybody had gone to bed. I was not used to the outdoors, so I was having trouble sleeping. Suddenly there was a loud noise outside. I knew there was trouble, even though I was inside. I heard someone get out of his tent. He came screaming. There's a bear, there's a bear. Please come out and see. I said I'm not going. I'll stay here until you kill that thing. Soon everybody went outside, carring riffles and everything they could find. The BEAR was going through a rampage, destroying everything in it's path. My husband had gone out with a gun in his hand, but someone else took the first shot. I was still inside not making a sound, when I heard the shot. I said to myself it's time to come out. I thought I would see the Bear dead, but to my shock the Bear had left. He took all our food and ran away. Someone said - did you see the size of that BEAR? Another guy said yes - it was a Grizzly. At hearing that, I think I fainted. Then I was glad I never saw it, but no one will ever forget the night the Grizzly came...
11/02/2012 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo How is this for a made up story? Someone ask me to write something about a Grizzly - I did.