Brush Away The Tear

Written by: John Posey

Do I see a tear there in your eye -- Reflecting broken dreams from days gone by? Was it caused by something I have done? Or do you feel you’re not my only one? Can I help you drive away the pain And let you know how you’ve not loved in vain? Let me change your heartache to a sigh And brush away the tear there in your eye. Do I see a frown there on your face – Reflecting pain that time cannot erase? Is your love for me now turning cold – Or have the memories grown hard to hold? Come and let me hold you close to me. Don’t let our love be just a memory. Let me stay with you for just a while And help you change that frown into a smile. Time is kinder When you’re here with me. The mem’ries blind me so You’re all my heart can see. Come and let me take you by the hand – Please listen and just try to understand – Love like ours will never ever die – So, brush away the tear there in your eye.