I Have Some Words

Written by: Cynthia Alvez

I have some words, 
Looking for a home
In a poem.
The words are love, you and I, 
And words that rhyme with
Sad good-byes.
I have some words, 
Looking for a home
In a song.
The words are happy and
Oh so long...
The words are lonely, sometimes, 
And so doggone forlorn.
Which of course, is how words are, 
In the early morning.
Like now, when it's 3: 52 a.m.
And you are gone, somewhere! 
Words tumble and jive
Early in the morning, 
Looking for some place to be
Where there is music, 
And they can squeeze in between
The notes and mellow someone's soul.
I have some words that are
Trying not to get lost, 
Words trying to hold on
To be a part of a poem
And words that ask why you
Keep coming back, but
Only in run away dreams.
I see your smile and hear your laughter, 
Smell the scent of you, 
And right now I am trying
To find a home for the words
That will let you know, you were
Always loved...
I have some words that want
To be quiet now and pressed
Between the pages of a book.
Soft words, sweet words, 
But it seems I can't let go of
Them - got to keep them 
For myself, 
Until I can put them
In a poem or
A song.