The Rent Court

Written by: Cynthia Alvez

The folks were all ages
And surely it was not a matter of color, 
Some were bold in their strut, 
Arrogant in the tilt of their heads, 
Making the statement -'You Owe Me World! '
'If you don't have a cripe with your landlord, the line
Forms here! You others stay seated! '
Yelled the barker.
Young and old, 
Men and women
Made a mad dash and lined up for the Social Service
Give away
'I don't even see my tenant, 
This is costing me time! ' someone complains.
'You should be on the side line with the rest of the
Rent collectorsssss', someone replied.
A baby starts to wail...
Loud! ! ! 
Go on baby, go on and cry! 
This is the rent court.
'Where is the judge? '
'My forms say be here at 9 a.m and it's 9: 10.
'Umph! '
9: 25
'All Rise! '
'The Rent Court is now in session! '