Written by: Christina Wiliams

You put your name in a box with a million others not knowing what the prize will be.
A person mixes them around
And your name gets called.

You go onto the stage  and wonder what the prizes will be.
The woman says choose door 1 or door 2.
You  chose door 1 hoping it will be a car or a trip to Hawaii.
Door number 1 opens and you realize it is just a bunch of bikes.

You get down at first but then realize it was worth the risk.
For many people would love to get a chance at winning a prize even if they don’t win.
For  life is about taking risks.
Some go our way and some don’t.
But at least we don’t wonder forever what will happen if we don’t.
For live is too short to wonder about what will happen.
So take the risk and it will be worth while no matter what happens.