Has Your Heart Been Broken In Two

Written by: Jim Pemberton

Has your heart been broken in two?
Perhaps you don’t know what to do?

Has your life been greatly affected?
Perhaps it feel likes it’s been “infected?”

The pain and grief you can no longer bare.
You wonder if anyone truly cares?

There is someone!  May I introduce you?
He’s here!  Won’t you let him touch you?

His love is marvelous and wonderful!
His grace is loving and so merciful!

This one I speak of, can wash you clean!
He can take away what your pain may bring!

His name is Jesus!  He can take away
 the brokenness!
From his heart of joy, mercy and kindness!

Won’t you let him put your heart back together?
And experience his power…  Now and forever!

Jesus is, and will forever always be…
The one who can totally set YOU FREE!

By Jim Pemberton