Awaken Taste Buds

Written by: barbara dumbovic

Awaken taste buds  

 Lovely Linda 
 Makes food tasty
 Um um good 

 Peach Chipotle BBQ Sauce 
Your taste buds won’t 
Be the same 
Chipotle is the one to blame.

Peach & Apple Salsa
Time to have a siesta 
Red Wine Antipasto 
All you need is a glass of wine 

Olive Tapenade
Takes you over to a promenade 
Fire & Ice Wine 
When cooking it’s smelly 
That now turns into a Jelly 

Cranberry & Jalapeño Vinaigrette
One try 
 Your taste buds won’t forget 
Lemon & Dill 
Smells all the way down the hill

I have to tell you 
Go on the web
Where you will find foods galore 
 The Best of the sunny Okanagan
You will ask for more.