One Less Hero

Written by: elizabeth landon-lane

I had forgotten Winter
In a stranger's land drawn in his hand,
He never explained that burden.
Coldest Season of the heart...

My lines between lost souls and love
Weep to remember the ending of that warmth...
All those gentle fools
Who mistake passion for reason and desire;
They count out faith in brass coin
Like the buttons on their uniforms...
Tokens of the miser in us all..

I had forgotten Winter;
The silver tracing on empty windows
In the darkling hours alone
And the silent tracing of sorrows
Down a young woman's cheek
Whose memories will grow no older
Than this day.

I had forgotten Winter;
One empty chair before a fire
In between the spaces of missing conversation...
     And one more entry in the Family Bible..

Stare into a dying fire -
Commiserate with us all
Because suddenly, it is meaningless...

I had forgotten Winter.