Dr Love

Written by: brandy uptain

Everytime you look my way,
You take me by surprise.
Your mocha brown eyes take my breath away,
But if you would have asked I would have given it to you anyway.
Your fashion,
Inside me ignites a passion.
Your voice hypnotizes me in an instant,
I must admit for you have quite a penchant.
Your hair is so soft and sweet,
My love for you is something I don't want to defeat.
Your body drives me crazy in less than a second,
Anytime you want me all you have to do is beckon.
All you have to do is give me that "come hither" glance,
And my heart is yours I never even had a chance.
You turn me into a quivering pool,
All you have to do is speak and I eagerly become your fool.
My temperature is unable to fall,
And all I am able to do is crawl.
Depression cannot come around,
You will not allow your angel to fall to the ground.
You always make sure your princess wears her crown,
And you would go to the heavens and bring me back a star just to make sure I never frown.
You steal away all of my sorrows,
And you are always here to make sure the sun comes out tomorrow.
All you have to do is smile and you light my universe,
How can you act so sweet and innocent and not even have to rehearse.
You make my world spin,
Everytime you touch me you set a fire to my skin,
And I can't wait to be consumed again.
You give me a reason to live,
And it makes me shiver because all I have is my pitiful, shriveled heart to give.
But with your miraculeous loving I'm sure in no time it will be fitting for you,
And for the rest of my life, I swear, that's what I'll do.