Silently love you

Written by: kasim ishmael

I could never say what I feel
So many times I have tried
And when I meet you 
I just let my feeling hide

Was afraid to let you know
To afraid to take the chance
A coward to let my love show
So I run away from romance

So I became a lonely man
Give up on love without a fight
And you would live in my mind
Every single day and night

How I want to hold you close
And feel your heart beat 
Tell you how much I love you
And not walk this lonely street

That magic in your eyes
The way you wear your hair
I love you with all my heart
And you’re not even aware

The love I feel for you 
Always try to make disguise
Will talk to you about food
The planets and stars in the skies

I am afraid of being hurt 
So I don’t let my emotions show
Because if you don’t love me
Don’t think I can live anymore

I like when i say your name
The way that you smile
Just everything that you do
Are seems to worth my while

But I have made up my mind
Not to reveal my feelings for you
I will love you from a distance
There is nothing else I can do

So my very special friend
You will not know the way I feel
But I lock you in my heart
And for ever it will be seal

But ever the time comes
And I just completely disappear
Don’t think I ever forget you
Just know I’m buried somewhere

For I shall never ever make you cry
your smile is the reason I live
And the only way I will leave you
Is when god take the life he give

I will talk to you everyday
And be amazed by all that you do
And forever my sweet amazing friend
I will silently love you