Written by: kasim ishmael

Whenever someone needs advice
Or whenever there is a problem
I will be the first to reach out
And try to help solve them

When ever any one are sad
It will bother me all the while
Some times I write a poem for them
Just to try to make them smile

Feels like I am always on call 
And available for everyone who
 Is going through a tough time
And don’t know what to do

I guess they could say that 
I can handle pressure well
And if they notice the pain in me
Well they never did tell

I will do anything for a friend
and try so very hard to please,
but yet I’m left unappreciated,
and no one even sees.

And if they ever need me,
I will be there when they call,
But some times it hurt me
When they don’t see me fall

I feel so unappreciated,
and it breaks my heart everyday
that they don’t care about me,
Or if they do they don’t say

My life can’t feel happiness
So try to give it through others
And I wish some times they see
But on one ever really bothers

So I just sat here alone
Thinking of the girl I wanted
But still find time for friends
But some take it all for granted

I will write so many poems
Trying to change to the word
I will give them a blanket
But they never see me in the cold

So I will keep being a friend
And a shoulder to lean on
And though they don’t care now
They will miss me when I’m gone

But you never miss the river 
Until it’s completely dry
So today I’m unappreciated
But tomorrow its goodbye