Written by: kasim ishmael

Why don’t you see me?
Why don’t you care?
We are all just human
Made of blood, skin ands hair

When ever love find you
You put religion in the way
 You’re afraid of changes
And what your parents will say

So you will push me way
Knowing the pain I feel
When you know I love you
And my feelings are real

You are afraid of the future
So you hold on to the past
But you can’t hide from reality
Because the time must pass

So I will be right here waiting
My tears falling on the floor
And I will keep on hoping
 You will walk through the door

And I know I’m a fool
Buts it’s out of my hand
We will make mistakes
We are all just human

When I was hurting  
You help take it way
And I couldn’t stop from falling
In love with you today

Now my tears are falling 
I’m like the rain from above
Drowning in my pain
In the river of my love

You mean the world to me
As my heart brakes in two
And please don’t hate me
All I did was fall in love with you

So you can keep on running
You must run out of space
And I will always be there
To wipe the tears from your face

Will keep building my love 
As high as I can
And will always love you
Because I’m just human