my bestfriend

Written by: diann guillen

you are my bestfriend my sister 
when i have a bad day you are here to cheer me up 
when i dont know what to do you are here to help 
when i cry you are here 
when i need to talk you are here day or night 
if i ever lose you i wouldnt know what to do
your more like asister then a friend because friends leave eachother after a big fight but me and you fight alot but yet your allways here for me we allways are together stuck like glue what would i ever do without you 
you mean the world to me 
we laugh together we cry together 
we fight we make up 
you allways know what to say when i am haveing the worst day
no other best friend can compare to you 
your the best what would i ever do without my bestfriend