A La Larissa Perfume

Written by: Larisa Rzhepishevska

“A La Larissa” perfume has appeared!
The fragrance of it is great and neared.
It’s just for your elegance and intelligence.
It’s not for the masses!
It’s for the women in the evening dresses.
It’s for the ladies of extra classes.
This perfume is an explosion of warmth,
It gives you real sexual storms.
It gives you the enveloping notes,
It rises up your best emotes,
It’s a heady memorable ode,
It’s the mode of a highly sort of perfume.
You’ll feel comfortable with it at any ballroom.
It’s eccentric smell will make you feel so well.
When you are in the evening gown,
It will turn all heads on its own.
This perfume is really the best.
The best and… out of the rest!
Just a drop of it and…you are on the top.
A drop and …you’ll be for sure the pop.
What a prestige! What a delight!
Magic perfume “ A La Larissa”!!!
You can only hear men’s whisper:
She is a vanquisher!
Is she a princess from Saragossa?
Oh, no! This aroma is from Odessa!
It has the smell of the Black Sea.
It has the fragrance of an acacia tree.
“A La Larissa" perfume is just fantastic!
It’s so poetic and esthetic!
It smells the rain, it smells the snow!
The world of all flowers it shows!
With “A La Larissa” you’ll understand
What real art is on our land.
Using “A La Larissa” 
You’ll get the ocean of sensation.
You’ll get your own impersonation!
It will even cause a poet’s inspiration.
It will give you the best charm,
It will give you the tenderness alarm.
You’ll be out of masses an exception!
You’ll be … The Lady Perfection!

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)