A Vision

Written by: Laura Breidenthal

A vision of your pale features comes to mind-sight Your life eyes smile intelligence and reassurance Finger-points bloom around us—connecting light I yearn to embrace your heart and feel your love To enshroud myself in heaven’s doves Pastures and streams have led me straight to you And the last thing I want to do is turn away Scattering willowy clouds our way A lone raindrop falls from my death eye and trickles It seeps into the ground to avoid you As the waters of sustenance sift in currents Longing too for eternal bonds The lilies and sunbeams wish to shape your smile My hand lifts—stretching out shakily to you As you move ever nearer in the bright Our hands touch—fingertips electrified A surge of pain and patience running through us both It has been far too long a departure My hand no longer shakes the secret fear Lips slowly meet—forming one being Hands interlace and bodies decide You are so sure of what you do That doubt flees from my deceased view Revealing space for the only form You and I Eternity greets reality Dreams welcome fate