historic flood

Written by: jan oskar hansen

Historic flood. 
There are a few books unread on my
bookshelf and they will stay that way,
I needn´t read everything…printed. 

My depression hangs in the landscape
streaks on dusty window panes tell me 
the obvious: clean me now!

I wait for the pharmacy to open, after
lunch break, hope it is not full of women    
talking about pills, illnesses and diets. 

I´m not watching TV today I need not 
know more about the storm every one 
talks about…man, have I seen it worse!   

Soon I will be stopped by a hero telling
me he was in NY during the histrionic 
storm that made a governor legendary.    

The apothecary should be open now,
better hurry and I don´t have to worry 
what the newspapers say.