Written by: Ravi Sathasivam

How can our mother earth can be so cruel?
Why she is shaking, quaking, crashing our earth
and destroying our belongings and our loved ones
Is our mother earth become violent because of
human against nature or human made sinful world?
What harm our little children did to you mother earth?
Why you made their life crushing with the debris?
Do you see mother earth our people rolling on the ground and
beating their chest and shouting and crying for their lost ones?
Is this the way you want to kill us when we love you so much?
Today the oceans become cruel and they create Tsunami
Today the winds become horror and they create Hurricane
Today the rain become pitiless and they create flood and earth slips
Today mother earth also become violent and you create earthquake
and our beautiful cities and towns are turned into nothing but cemetery
Let the heaven send us peace and strength to help those suffering
Let us pray today for those who died and got injured
Let us pray God to make this world the peace of heavenly blessings

Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka

Copyright @2005 Ravi Sathasivam