Written by: Paula Larson

Granma's free stone peaches
have to be on the truck
the grocery store was just next door,
it didn't seem enough!

Because they ran the RailRoad
Rock Island ~ it sounds tough
and Granma needs her peaches
that grocer better scuff!

The Midwest's little giant
went everywhere on time,
and Granpa's heavy RR watch
it really had to chime!

They parked the train in the next block
the men stayed where they could
to eat and sleep for twenty-six
a place was understood!

It was the 30's dustbowl
and vagrancy was deep
but with the rail still rolling
some decency could keep!

People kept right on coming
the atmosphere was bleak
but for the land, some humming
within gave them their break!

Those 26 were something
held on for all their worth
to build the land from nothing
and rail by rail ~ upsurge!

The red man there ~ stout, manning
while destiny came first,
progress was still in planning,
was Iron Horse their curse?

Granma's today not fanning
their errors in reverse,
the ladies keep on canning,
their goodies are their nurse!

The PAULS were the family Railroad people of the late 1800's and through most of
the 1900's.  Now the Sioux Falls, South Dakota freeways spill in every direction
in the same area, and direction of the Rock Island.  And trucking has become
pursuant to the economy!