Red Pen Blues

Written by: Owen Yeates

Mary Stockton this is all down to you
Remember all those years ago I did an N.V.Q.
Business admin and typing that is what it was 
But I still have depression and why well just because
You gave me the red pen blues

You always seemed to have, a red pen in your hand
A stroke a slash a flourish so grand
Red marks showing up my mistake
Kept saying oh for heaven’s sakes 
You gave me the red pen blues

I keep waking up in a sweat
Years later I have often wept
That pen strikes fear in my heart
From my mind it will never depart
I still got the red pen blues

So this rhyme it is just for you
Maybe you remember the good times to
All the people you left with a scar
If you read this you know who they are
They all got the red pen blues