Written by: nette onclaud

To ride the sea is a blessing and a curse huddle of gulls, starfish darts from nowhere lending frolic to breakers, they traverse in mystic laps with colored bubbles so rare. Toes swivel a distance and I immerse from lush of causeway,joy beyond compare; Yet once, twice, wild torrent did choke my lungs Sinking into deep foams, into waves’ tongues. I awake on hammocks of flowers by the shore and from a verdant terrain, chirps enthrall, riddling my anxious glides with fairways adored but the fear -thrill of waters makes me stall as gnashing of rapids pounds on heart’s core, Dread, dread of drowning swallows breaths whole. And though tingle of far crests still delights I’d rather spin on waysides without fright. Tanya Harrington’s What’s Your Fear Contest by nette onclaud 10/30/2012