Buried Graves

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Buried Graves There was an old house that stood vacant for years alone Alone by itself on a street called dead end This couple decided to buy the place, a treasure they would own Little did they know what they were actually buy then It was soon found out that it was a funeral home years ago They closed it down because the undertaker who owned the place Was caught not burying the bodies where they were supposed to go Instead they were buried somewhere else without a trace A few weeks after moving in they started hearing heavy footsteps Moaning noises coming from between the thick walls They were times the couple started feeling regrets Perhaps they should’ve never bought this place at all Apparitions were seen walking down the hallways late at night Dark shadows were found luring as they woke them up from a sleep There were spirits there showing themselves in death’s sight Decaying white pale skin and black rotting teeth Then one day the new couple decided to dig up the ground Planning to plant seeds inside a garden they were going to make When suddenly they came across human bones that no one had found Buried so deep to hide the secret that hid in this place They didn't sleep that night because they already knew that day Their house was nothing but cemetery land filled with numerous graves So they grabbed their things and rushed towards the car to get away When suddenly they all started coming up from the ground with the moans they made Quickly he turned the key in the ignition and they sped out of there Looking back, the couple could still can see them walking up the road They were only grateful they could leave this living nightmare Until they woke up the next morning and realized they never left home…
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