Written by: Romeo Della Valle

    Your name is Sandy
    The say you are so strong
    But no sweet like a candy
    Or deducing like a love song…

    Like your twin sister Irene,
    You are rapidly coming our way
    With a devastating strength
    And you send your ferocious wind
    To let us all know
    That you will be here soon!

    Mean girl, for you we are ready
    To fight you to the end!
    Trains and buses suspended,
    Schools and public places closed
    While streets are deserted
    Foods, water and medicine 
    Waiting to be used
    In this approaching moment of 

    Mandatory evacuation enforced,
    Firefighters, police and 
    Are ready for action when 
    Now, together we all pray
    That the Lord spares this great 
    From the grasp of this mean girl
    Named Sandy
    We ask the whole World to pray
    For the brothers and sisters
    In the other side of the globe!

    Romeo-Della Valle
    New York City