Unconditional Love

Written by: Patricia Lewis

It's been almost a year and I can truly say the love I have for you is truly unconditional
From the very beginning we would speak on the phone for hours not paying attention to the time 
I enjoyed that we never spoke about copulation and/or discussed negative topics
We were open from the very beginning not hiding things from one another
Seeing eye to eye on so many things...
We have even given each other the passwords for our phone and e-mails
We have spoken about our past acknowledging that we will not bring up each others past to hurt one another and/or to make a point
We enjoy that we are equally yoke because we go to the same church and have the same belief/faith!
We both agree that we met by God's Grace 
For we didn't meet in church but came to find out we have the same God child that resides in New York! It just so happen you missed the christening.
For I appreciate that when we don't agree we agree to accept that once we express our thoughts we come to an agreement to pray and ask God for clarity and not in a bias way
For I truly love you unconditionally for I know I would do anything for you within our faith standers to make you happy.