A Dream Parody

Written by: Jon A Cavanaugh

Once a dream did weave a web
Of troubling thoughts within my head
I had become spotted and gray
On grassy lawn me-thought that day
Troubled 'wilder'd and perplexed
I waited for what would be next
I was detained within a stall
I did not like this dream at all

Oh my children! Wake me now!
I've been transformed into a cow
Now in nightmare fantasy
The bovine that's become of me
Cries out loud in great alarm
I wake all creatures on the farm
The farmer asks what wailing plight
Calls him out that time of night

I reply "udderly" in pain
That I've not called him out in vain
I plead that I've no hands so how
Can I milk a bloated cow

Parody of "A Dream" by William Blake