Written by: Andrew Crisci

Folks living by the coast line
have been given an unpleasant evacuation order, not a warning,
" Evacuate immediately, Sandy is coming with rain 
and strong gusts...some of you will refuse to leave town,
standing on the beach watching
the hurricane's four feet tides rise....are you insane? "

The concerned cop on the loud speaker says,
" Take what you can and hop in your car and head for
the Evacuation Center...there you'll be safe! "
Hesitation persists on their stubborn faces...
" Take your kids to a safer place, food and clothes will be available! "
An elderly woman screams, " Listen to him and go! "
I have seen a dozen storms, but hurricane Sandy is a vicious name!"
" Go, don't let any children shake and ramble! "

Randy has already hit the Jersey shore,
and slowing moving up to New York's Harbor;
another exodus from this Melting Pot
that once was struck by a terrorists' attack... 
now, a Natural Disaster. " Sins of wicked people! "
That preacher on Third Avenue shouts while ringing a bell,  
" Turn to God and He will not punish anyone anymore! "
" Shut up!" A punk smoking crack tells him..." Who's this God
whom you are talking about? Why is he so angry and uses the rod? " 
I was His child, but today my master is the Devil! "

When hurricane Sandy comes, I won't be waiting for vicious killer winds,
be blown away as glass shatters and rooftops fall;
I will be safe in my home, praying for the ones in danger.
" Everyone listen and heed, hurricanes are no jokes...pack your belongings
and flee to safety! Isn't it life-threatening to all?"
I grab the car keys and off I go with uncombed hair.