Bedtime for a Four year old

Written by: Carl Fraser

A whimper, a sigh, an unseen tear;
I'm alone again with all my fears.
A longing,a wanting,some loving arms to hold;
But I shake and tremble at the dark and cold.
I,m nursing an eye with bruises and aches;
And I wonder why they call me a big mistake.
A nightmare or reality I can't decide;
So I just pull the covers up tight and hide.
I wait all night for a savior to rescue me;
But as I peek at the dawn im still not free.
A knock,a bang,the door bursts open wide;
And there stands the monster who hurt my eye.
He hugs,then kisses, and tells me it's ok;
He's going to teach me to hit the ball today.
As I run for my bat I forget my fears;
And the aches and pains seem to disappear.
I hit the ball though my vision is dim;
I smile, but I know I'll never be like him.