Lil Sweet Things


I must have lost myself in you last night...
I know that wasn’t the deal.
I believed the sweetly spoken soft words you said, while dreaming of another, all to my disappointment dear, I would have loved to have been, that other.
Just to get to hear, what I got to hear!
 You spoke in a whisper you never have before, saying: “ It’s all right Baby, Baby it’s all right! Your kisses dripping down my neck , your breath upon my back.
I admit, I would have loved to hear those sweet nothing’s whispered in my ear, and meant for only me. But you were lost in a dream, probaly far away from me, lost in another’s soul, consumed by fire and smoke.
However absent she was last night, I was the one who got to hear: “It’s gonna be okay Baby, Baby I am here”!

copyright 10-28-12